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Whether you’re a student looking for a direction or someone searching for a new career, there’s a lot to love about entering the nursing field. There’s a wide range of positives to choosing a nursing career, from job opportunities to a chance for self-fulfillment.

This article will look at seven of the top reasons you should consider making nursing your next career choice.

1. Nurses Have Plenty of Job Opportunities

The American healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and there aren’t enough medical professionals to fill existing open positions. This shortage is especially pressing in the nursing field, and that means there’s a lot of opportunities for nurses to not only find a job but to be able to choose one that best suits their skills and interests.

Nursing jobs are expected to increase in areas throughout the healthcare industry, from emergency and inpatient services to primary care and health policy roles. The sheer volume of choice available should make it easy to find the best job for you. If you aren’t happy in a particular role, there’s almost always another role for you to try.

2. Nurses Have the Trust and Respect of the Public

Nurses routinely land at the top of lists ranking the most trusted professionals in the country. Because nurses are usually the healthcare professionals that patients see first, they provide comfort and well-being. Patients appreciate the level of trust they can place in these individuals.

Patients also respect the choice nurses make in committing themselves to public service. They see nurses’ work as truly selfless, and they are thankful that people like you are willing to take on the burden of helping others improve their health.

3. Nurses Typically Rate High on Job Satisfaction Surveys

When answering surveys about job satisfaction, nurses describe themselves as satisfied in their careers by a wide margin. Part of this satisfaction is due to the feeling that you’re making a difference, while another part is the ability to practice your skills in a setting where they are highly valued.

Others find job satisfaction in the potential room for personal and professional growth. While many people start as registered nurses performing general healthcare tasks, you can specialize in several areas and grow your skills to become an advanced practice nurse, increasing your career options and responsibility.

4. Nurses Can Choose from Several Medical Experiences

Actual nursing practices cover a wide and varying field of experiences. You may find yourself in any number of settings, including:

  • Pediatrics
  • Family practice
  • Geriatric medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Inpatient care
  • Mental health
  • Surgical support

These are just some of the different specializations available to nurses entering the profession.

Many other roles are available for nurses who continue to pursue further education, such as patient care management, public health and community education, hospital and healthcare facility administration, and even teaching other nurses in academia.

5. Nurses Typically Enjoy Great Benefits

In addition to earning a competitive salary, nurses often enjoy many other benefits attached to their employment.

Many nurses can take advantage of perks like tuition reimbursement for continuing their education, and most nurses also have access to several different student loan forgiveness programs.

You’ll also find that most healthcare employers provide several other desirable benefits to nurses, including:

  • Vacation and personal days
  • Access to life insurance and pension plans
  • Generous medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage
  • Pre-tax programs for transportation and childcare

Because there is such a severe shortage of nurses in the healthcare industry, the table is tilted towards nurses, and you may be able to take full advantage of your position when negotiating for salary and benefits.

6. Nurses Often Have Flexible Work Schedules

Because of the nature of their work, nurses tend to be able to have very flexible schedules. You can often decide whether you want to work full-time or part-time, and you’ll usually have several varying shift schedules that you and your fellow nurses can negotiate to find the best time structure for everyone.

Whether you need the flexibility to take care of your kids or an aging parent, or you’re continuing to work while furthering your education, the flexibility afforded by the nursing profession is a big reason why so many people choose to make nursing their career.

While you may not be able to entirely determine your own schedule, you’ll be more likely to find a schedule that works for you.

7. Nurses Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Above all else, the reason most nurses give for why they chose to go into nursing is that they feel like they have the ability to make a difference. Every day, nurses have the opportunity to make choices and take actions that could save someone’s life.

Even when the stakes are not quite that high, nurses can significantly improve a patient’s health and outlook simply by being there.

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding profession — and a very humbling one as well. When you have the trust of a patient who is looking to you for help easing their pain or giving them a sense of hope, it becomes clear just how big a role you play in the healthcare industry.

For nurses, every day is a chance to become the most important person in someone’s life. That’s a big responsibility — and a tremendous gift.

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