ACADEMIC SERVICES | 954-400-0620 
CI offers several Academic Service options to answer student-driven questions about discussions, assignments, assessments, or other course content. Students may speak to their program nursing education advisor at the number above for support to address general academic questions. The academic department will also help students reach an instructor for specific content questions. Students may also contact their assigned classroom instructor directly during office hours or at any time via e-mail Instructor office hours and contact information is located on CI Syllabus of class.
STUDENT SERVICES |954-400-0620
The Student Services department provides support for students throughout their time at CI. Academic advisors focus on helping students adjust to life as an online learner, to outline the great resources CI offers, and to help each student be successful during their entire time in their program of choice. 
LIBRARY SERVICES | 954-400-0620 
Chancellor Institute facilitates as a gateway to the LIRN virtual library and connects students to high quality resources available in CI’s Virtual Library. The CI Virtual Library’s core collection includes thousands of peer-reviewed, full-text articles on a variety of subjects that are accessible at any time, from any location.
CAREER SERVICES |954-400-0620
CI has an active Career Services department that assists graduates in locating entry-level career opportunities related to their field of study. Career Services Advisors work directly with local businesses, industry leaders, and advisory board members to assist students with conducting a professional job search. CI does not, in any way, guarantee employment. It is the goal of the Career Services office to help all graduates realize their personal and professional development goals and assist them in seeking employment.
Career Services Advisors provide job search assistance for all CI graduates. Career Services Advisors focus on assisting students with resume reviews, job search strategy, job opportunities, the application process, interview preparation, and overall support in their employment pursuits.
Career Services Advisors also provide continued on-the-job support for the first couple of weeks that a CI graduate is gainfully employed. This support includes effective conflict resolution and building your network. The Career Services Advisors then bridge the gap between Career Services and continued Alumni support. Graduates will also have the opportunity to partner with our Corporate Alliance Department, who.
leverages CI’s relationships with national employers to fill their allied healthcare needs.
CI works with all appropriate CI departments to answer inquiries and resolve issues received from students and other non-employees. CI Cares takes all inquiries seriously and will respond in a timely manner.